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Howells Plays the ‘Wise-man’ to Milk The Bulldog

Following on from a credible fifth overall and first in class on the Malcolm Wilson Rally in March, Dave Howells from Manchester and Jules Wilkinson from Tunbridge Wells scored a terrific finish on this weekend’s Bulldog National rally to take second overall in their newly liveried ‘Cow Car’, just missing out on first overall by 2.6 seconds.

Howells Subaru

 Following a last minute change of plans in the BRC due to business commitments for the original cow car ‘Moooriel’ driver Alan Cookson, Jules brought the support from Robert Wiseman Dairies across to Dave Howells’ TEG Sport prepared Subaru B13 for selected events this season, and the newly named ‘Mimey-Moo’ didn’t dissappoint.

A quick start to the morning stages saw Howells’ times consistently in the top three, but with the retirement of Roger Duckworth on SS3, the crew entered the halfway halt in a credible second overall. After routine servicing, the plan was to push on as hard as possible and not to rest on any laurels for the afternoon’s stages ahead.

It was a plan which nearly came to fruition with another handful of top three stage times and a fastest overall on the final stage of the day but the pair fell just short of victory.

David said: “We knew that the pace would be quick at the front and that there was no room for error, so we pushed on as hard as possible but without taking any silly risks. Our position at service showed the level of commitment I was putting in to maintain the times and we knew a fast clean run was needed in the afternoon. I’m delighted with the result and although it was a shame to miss out on first overall, I’m pleased with the progress and will take the fight to the next event.”

 Co-driver Jules was equally as pleased saying: “A great finish for us on only our second event together. Dave’s driven well and the car has performed faultlessly all day. It was a well run event so thanks to all the organisers and marshals for putting on a good day’s motorsport. I would like to thank our service crew and all our sponsors for their continued support, especially Robert Wiseman Dairies, Gilletts Spar and TEG Sport and I hope we can continue our run of success throughout the season. This is an ‘UDDERLY’ great start for us though!”

Bulldog National Rally Results

1 Shaun Gardener/Ben Innes, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, 0:48:49.6
2 David Howells/Julian Wilkinson, Subaru Impreza, 0:48:52.2
3 Alex Allingham/Mark Glennerster, Subaru Impreza, 0:49:19.9
4 Tom Naughton/Horace Saville, Mitsubishi Evo 9, 0:49:20.1
5 Patrick Naylor/Ian Lawrence, Mitsubishi Evo 9, 0:49:24.6
6 Barry Jones/Chris Williams, Subaru Impreza, 0:50:33.5

Picture attached courtesy of Mark Simpson, www.cmwi.net:  Dave Howells and Julian Wilkinson in action in their Subaru Impreza on Saturday’s Bulldog National Rally.