Fact: Sponsors in motorsport are very hard to find.

But before you think that we are the solution to all your funding problems and we have endless amounts of contacts and influences on budgets, think again!

We are NOT ‘sponsorship hunters’ and as such can’t offer a magical solution as to how to tap into a company’s budget at a moment’s notice, but we do have experience of talking with some very large potential sponsors and a successful track record of negotiating commercial packages with them.

If you have someone who may be interested and don’t know how to go about approaching them, we will do it for you but you need to be serious and have a business plan which we would need to see before we started. For this we charge a non-refundable ‘consultation fee’ to be paid up front in addition to any commission agreed.

Bird - Jack Frost

Under that proviso, we have conducted several successful negotiations for a number of leading teams and competitors in recent years, within the context of a supremely private and confidential service.

And it’s vital to keep your hard-earned sponsors informed otherwise someone else will! We can take care of this too and have converted many sceptically-minded advertising executives into out and out motorsports fans which make the following year’s negotiations so much easier!

For anyone looking to get involved in motorsport sponsorship, we can advise how best to invest a budget accordingly and to provide demographics and other information to aid the decision making process. In the past we have assisted in successfully placing sponsorship in many disciplines of motorsport, including with competitors, teams and other associated companies.

Several leading competitors and teams have utilised our services in the past with regards to personal management and consultancy.

Amongst a diverse range of services we offer, we are able to negotiate personal sponsorship deals both financially and for product support, personal appearances, television punditry, travel and hotel arrangements, magazine columns and contracts.

In the past, we have been involved with assisting Steve Hislop, Shane Byrne, John McGuinness, Michael Rutter, Steve Plater. Stuart Easton and Tommy Bridewell procure deals amongst others.